Working within the framework of The Ohio State University’s mission to provide research, education, and outreach, the STREAMS Project responds to current issues of regional significance (e.g., climate change, ecosystem services, nonpoint source pollution), identifies critical gaps in scientific understanding, and explores innovative approaches to establishing more effective partnerships that will sustain both people and the aquatic environment.


The STREAMS Project aims to develop innovative collaborations between scholars, scientists, engineers and decision makers in addressing the challenges facing streams and watersheds in the Midwest region of the U.S. and throughout the world. Through these collaborative partnerships with a variety of stakeholders and disciplines we aim to:

+ Provide a systems approach to stream and watershed management that focuses on scientific and engineering strategies that work with nature, rather than against her.

+ Develop self-sustaining solutions for stream and watersheds centered on proper system functions and maximizing ecosystem services.

+ Transfer information and innovative technologies from the experts to the landowner or decision-maker to increase overall awareness and understanding of stream systems.

We invite your comments, questions and recommendations and look forward to working with you.

Featured Partners

The Ohio NEMO Program

Ohio Watershed Network


  1. Two-Stage Ditch Symposium at National Conference

    Mar 22, 2011

    The 2013 American Water Resources Association (AWRA) Spring Specialty Conference in St. Louis, MO, featured a day-long symposium on two-stage ditches. The first of it's kind on a national scale, the symposium featured speakers from MInnesota, Ohio, and Indiana and ranged in topics from the history of two-stage ditches to geomorphic evolution and sustainbility to nutrient processing to macroinvertebrate community studies to design and decision tools for sizing two-stage ditches.