About Us

STREAMS projects strive to understand the links between watershed science, policy, and society at all levels. We seek to develop a consortium of scholars, resource managers,and community members with a shared understanding of these problems and the ability totranslate scientific results into information relevant to regional, national, and sub-national management processes.

Since 2003, our accomplishments have included:

Science-based approach to innovative engineering solutions

  • Research projects at the local, state, and regional level.
  • Suite of freely available spreadsheet tools for analyzing and organizing stream geomorphology data.
  • International work on water resources issues in South Africa.

Technology and Information Transfer

  • Training workshops on the geomorphology and ecology of stream systems and innovative agricultural best management practices.
  • National/Regional conferences on stream and watershed-related topics.
  • Refereed Journal articles, books, technical reports and factsheet publications.
  • Technical assistance and outreach to a multitude of stakeholders.
  • Multi-media education and training tools.

Partnerships with variety of disciplines and stakeholders

  • Collaborative partnerships including federal, regional, international, state/local, non-governmental, industry stakeholders.